See Ruto's Emotional Reunion With Schoolmate After 35 Years

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated that one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. This proved true for Deputy President William Ruto, who couldn't contain himself when he ran into his former schoolmate, Sospeter Ojuwang.

    On Friday, when DP Ruto visited Luanda in Vihiga County, the two long lost friends were reunited for the first time since they sat for their O-level examinations at Wareng High school in 1984. 

    "Delighted to meet and reunite with Sospeter Ojuwang, a former schoolmate at Wareng High School, Eldoret, during my visit to Luanda, Vihiga County," an excerpt of the DP's tweet read.

    Image of DP William Ruto enjoying a hearty conversation with former schoolmate Sospeter Ojuwang August 23, 2019

    A visibly excited Ruto was pictured deeply engaged in a jovial conversation with his long lost friend, who joined him at the main dais.

    "We reminisced on the good days of our youth, enjoyed a hearty laugh and wished him well," DP Ruto disclosed.

    Ojuwang physically appeared to be older than the deputy president, but this didn't deter him from enjoying his moment with his former schoolmate.

    However, Kenyans quickly took to Twitter to point out the vast difference, in terms of physical appearance, between the two friends, with some crafting up comical comments.

    Frank Kiptoo commented that money is like fine body lotion adding "spot the difference".

    Others simply asked the country's second in command to help his former schoolmate, by pulling some strings to secure a job for him.

    DP Ruto went on to share an old photo of him and Ojuwang, alongside other former schoolmates, which left many struggling to identify the DP during his younger years.

    "I can't spot the DP in that high school photo," Kevin Ogola posted.

    Photo showing Deputy President William Ruto (bottom 3rd from the left) during his high school days at Wareng High School

    During his address, Ruto emphasised that leadership isn't hinged on one's background, but rather the willingness to serve the people, as ordained by God.