TV Presenter Recalls Uhuru's Rage During Midnight Phonecall [VIDEO]

  • Kameme TV presenter, Njogu wa Njoroge, recounted how he informed President Uhuru Kenyatta about the death of legendary benga musician, John DeMathew. 

    Njogu started by disclosing that he was appraised of the accident by a matatu driver who was at the scene of the crash. 

    "I remember I was in Nakuru that night and I received a call from a friend, John Mugo, who knew about my friendship with DeMathew and was at the crash site. 

    "I was the first person he called. Mugo said he was at Blue Post and Demathew had been involved in an accident. He described the scene and disconnected the call to help take the injured musician to hospital. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta with Kameme TV presenter Njogu wa Njoroge

    After getting anxious, Njogu called some of the musician's closest friends and after learning that they hadn't heard the news, he instructed them to rush to Thika Nursing Home, to check on DeMathew. 

    One of the benga king's buddies who arrived at the facility called the Kameme TV presenter and broke the sad news. 

    Njogu then mustered enough courage to call President Kenyatta and deliver the troubling report. 

    "I was shocked but when I composed myself, the first person I called was the president. It was late at night past 11pm. 

    "That is when I learnt how Uhuru held DeMathew close to his heart. He flew into a rage and asked 'what are you talking about? Do you understand what you are saying?," Njogu narrated.

    President Kenyatta eulogised the departed benga music legend as a brilliant artist who played a big role in promoting our African cultural heritage through his music.