De Mathew's Wives' Moving Tribute to Their Husband

  • On Saturday, during the send-off of Kikuyu legendary musician, John Mwangi Ng’ang’a (John De Mathew), in Muranga County, his two wives, Sarafina Wairimu John and Caroline Waithira John, paid emotional tributes to their husband.

    The tribute from the first wife, Wairimu was as follows:

    "John and I had the opportunity and privilege of being husband and wife. But I was a partner and a friend to him. You truly were a wonderful and a kind man. You were the love of my life.

    " You were the one who did everything humanly possible to protect us and our children, even in the face of all sorts of misconceptions.

    "You truly were a family man and you understood the true meaning of marriage. Your life has taught me, unconditional love, your death has taught me kindness and the meaning of true friendship.

    "I'm grateful to God that I had the opportunity to share your dreams, hopes, love, friendship and much much more. You were a man of the people and a hero to all who knew you.

    "You were a man who loved unconditionally and gave generously. A man who believed in sharing and caring. A man who put a smile on peoples faces. A man who was so full of life. A man who was a bigger star in his own light than most of us. A man whose star will continue to shine brightly for all of time.

    "You will always be in my heart and the love I have for you will never die. The children and I will always remember and pray for you.

    "As we put you, my love, to rest today, we will only bury your body. Your spirit, your soul, your amazing ability to give is still with us.

    "John, you will always remain in my heart. I will always thank God the Almighty for the many years we have shared together," she concluded.

    The tribute from the second wife, Waithira, was as follows: 


    "My darling, my best friend, my ride or die. I would still say I do to you despite this heartache and pain. Despite the short term we had together, you gave me a lifetime.

    "You fought for me, you pampered me, you made my lips hurt with laughter, you listened, you anticipated my needs and moulded yourself to be just the perfect man for me.

    "It has truly been the best moment of my life. Nothing made you sadder than knowing I was not okay. I shall miss your voice, my favourite tone ever. I shall miss playing with you.

    "John, having you as my husband was the best decision of my life. It is because of you that I can confidently say yes, I am a woman who was loved sincerely and unconditionally.

    "You have greatly contributed to me becoming the strong woman that I am today. There was no room for any excuses in our relationship. It was either you go hard, or you go home. I shall miss those words darling.

    "There was truly never a dull moment for us. You gave me music, love, joy and peace that I could never have imagined to ask for.

    "You have gifted me with so many precous gifts, the most priceless of them all are our children. Tyrese, Thiru, little Mathew, Stacy Wanjiku and baby Lenny.

    "Thank you for making me the mother of your children. Thank you for allowing the world to call me a mother.

    "I promise to love and unite these children unconditionally. I shall be their father since you taught me to be one every time you were away.

    "Babe, I shall miss you more than words can say. Sleep well, my love," she concluded.