Uhuru Issues Tough Order Over Musicians' Low Pay

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta expressed that he was also concerned about how artists had received meagre pay. 

    While speaking at the funeral of the late John De Mathew, the president disclosed that he had directed EACC and DCI detectives to investigate the Music Copyright Society of Kenya to get to the bottom of the scandal. 

    “MCSK collected around Ksh200 million and that is known. Then they said they spent 60 per cent of the money in the collection process. So it's like saying you spent Ksh150 million to collect Ksh230 million. This does not add up,” the president stated.

    Uhuru the stated that those found culpable of misusing musicians funds will be held responsible.

    ICT CS Joe Mucheru in a past event

    Uhuru also ordered ICT Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru who was also present, to ensure that all media houses that seek to renew their licenses had paid musicians for content aired.

    He also promised to transfer Kenya's copyright department from the office of the Attorney General to the Ministry of ICT for better monitoring.

    He further noted that even some telecom companies were guilty of exploiting musicians, by not paying them for their content. Uhuru warned them that their days were also numbered.

    In his tribute to the late benga musician, the president promised to buy equipment worth Ksh10 million, for the sacco that De Mathew chaired and also named a local road after him.

    The president and his deputy at the funeral service