Uhuru Narrates Campaign Escapades with De'Mathew

  • During the funeral services of the late benga maestro John De’Mathew, President Uhuru Kenyatta left mourners in stitches after he narrated a story about the 2017 general election campaigns.

    He stated that during the election campaign whenever he was accompanied by the late musician they would always have a moment to themselves.

    President Kenyatta then stated that they would look for a secluded room and have a drink as they chatted on ways to improve the campaign strategy.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and phis deputy William Ruto during the 2017 campaigns

    Uhuru then revealed that DeMathew was a drinking buddy whom they enjoyed the bottle together during the campaign trail.

    He further stated that DeMathew was like an advisory to him he would give him valuable words of wisdom whenever he had the chance.

    The Head of state showered the late musician with praises as he narrated how he kept calling him and requesting him to deal with music piracy in the country.

    He then complimented the late musicians maturity in understanding on the country’s political situation thus knowing what to say and at what time.

    The president then urged the artists and politicians present to follow in the footsteps of De’Mathew in taming their tongues.

    President Kenyatta noted that without this the country would be in for trouble as loose tongues were the source all political conflicts the country had experienced.

    the late John DeMathew during 2017 jubilee campaigns