Pastor Ng'ang'a's Flock Turn Against Him After Defamatory Threats

  • Controversial Pastor, James Ng'ang'a's woes have taken a dramatic turn after his congregants turned against him.

    Neno Evangelism ministries male faithful in Nairobi took legal action over the pastor's threats he made towards them in a recent Sunday service.

    This action came after a video surfaced of Nga'ng'a threatened to disfigure their genitals.

    Pastor Ng'ang'a preaching in a past service

    "All those men who joke with me, I will tie their tiny things, and they will be unable to function and only stare at their wives. You cows! Wait and see. Ensure you make this trend, " he threatened.

    After the threats, the men through Otieno and Amisi Advocated presented their grievances where Ng'ang'a was accused of using threatening, abusive and insulting words.

    In the letter, Ng'ang'a's behavior was intended to or "provoke a breach of peace by equating the said organs to the index finger and referring to them as kakitu and tuvitu (items smaller than the averaged sized item of the same class).

    He also referred to them as Ng'ombe, which are notorious Swahili derivatives for a foolish person

    His actions are said to have lowered the men's image in the eyes of right-thinking members of society by painting them as fraidy cat cowards and persons with vulnerable and smaller than usual male organs which may be disabled by the flick of a finger

    Ng'ang'a was therefore issued a 2-day ultimatum to apologise and withdraw his threat.

    "In the premises, our instructions are to demand, as we hereby do, that forthwith, and not later than two days from the date of evidence of your receipt of this letter, withdraw your threats to interfere with the normal functioning of our clients' male organs."

    "Thereafter publish an unequivocal apology in one of the daily newspapers of nationwide circulation, addressed to all the male members of Neno evangelism ministries retracting the said words following which we shall address you on the quantum of damages," they demanded.

    In the event that they would not have obtained Ng'ang'a's compliance within the period aforesaid, the outfit threatened to commence private criminal prosecution against him under sections 95,96 and 97 of the penal code for general damages for defamation.

    A screenshot of the letter from Advocates representing the male members of Neno Evangelism Ministries in Nairobi