Waiguru's Comment on BBI Lands Her in Trouble

  • Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, on Wednesday, September 11, stated that Kenyans were not ready for yet another president from the Agikuyu community.

    Speaking at the Kerugoya Level 5 Hospital, the governor stated that Kenyans should embrace the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) because it would unite the country.

    “The BBI is a solution to ending political violence each and every electoral circle,” she stated.

    Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. She maintained that BBI would allow more electoral seats to be added so that different communities would get a share of leadership.

    Waiguru maintained that BBI would allow more electoral seats to be added to ensure different communities would get a share of leadership.

    "This is the only way Kenyans from small communities will get a chance to rule in our country. Let us not endorse proposals that will not be of help to us," she insisted.

    Waiguru further urged Kenyans not to be 'tricked' by Ekuru Aukot's Punguza Mzigo Bill, claiming that it did not have the interests of the people at heart.

    “When someone comes up with a bill to reduce the number of constituencies and county governments, is that person in his right mind? We here are agitating for Mwea to be divided into two," she cited.

    Her comments did not sit well with netizens who noted that the governor was being selfish.

    "Maybe that's her target, one of those seats, someone tell her that Wanjiku is already tired and overwhelmed by the baggage. We are working on how we can reduce the same," Stanley Kinyua stated.

    "Time for change has come, we want Puñguza Muzigo and not BBI...The 2 deputy Prime Minsters I suppose 1 is for you, never ever for we cannot trust you in a senior position," Andhu Sanju commented.

    "Anne Waiguru here’s my two cents: With this BBI thing I think it’s a way of promoting tribalism. Why would I feel unrepresented if the person going for the top seat is not from my tribe? We should be looking at every candidate as a Kenyan and not a Luo, Kikuyu, Turkana etc. The BBI thing is a very expensive way to run a government of a tiny country like Kenya. The US is almost 8 times bigger than Kenya and we only have 1 president and a Vice President. To me this is not ideal at all," Innocent Musyoke divulged.