Boniface Mwangi Viciously Attacks Khalwale Over Relationship With Ruto

  • Boniface Mwangi, on Thursday, September 11, launched a vicious attack on former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, calling into question his lifestyle ever since he joined Deputy President William Ruto's camp.

    In a tweet on his page, the activist claimed that once an elected politician loses an election, they become irrelevant and sometimes even end up being broke and have to downgrade their lifestyle.

    In the case of Khalwale, however, Mwangi alleged that the former senator has not taken the same self-redeeming steps as other politicians and work to have an honest living.

    A Screenshot of the tweet by Mwangi castigating Khalwale over his relationship with the Deputy President.

    He further went ahead and stated that if one had a career before going to Parliament, they should go back to it after losing an election.

    "The Ksh50 million that you have earned in 5 years should have gotten you a small investment," Boniface stated.

    He further claimed that he took pride in the Late Kibra MP Ken Okoth based on the fact that between 2013-2017 when the deceased was in Parliament, he took an initiative to build himself a house. Mwangi also stated that Okoth planned to become a teacher if he lost the 2017 elections.

    The tweet elicited reactions from many quarters with some social media users coming to Khalwale's defense, while others supported the activist's opinion.

    It is not the first time Khalwale has drawn the wrath and condemnation of Kenyans online.

    His relationship with the deputy president has been brought into question many times, bearing in mind that Khalwale had been a virulent critic of the DP when he was in Ford Kenya.

    DP William Ruto during a recent event. His relationship with former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has been brought into question by many.

    Khalwale is remembered for a remark he once made stating that DP Ruto was buying Western Kenya politicians like goats in the market. Currently, he is the DP's pointman in Western.