Why Talia Oyando Repeatedly Sneaked to Work Despite Losing Job

  • Citizen TV presenter Talia Oyando on Friday, September 13, 2019, narrated how she would often sneak into a local media station despite the end of her contract. 

    Speaking during Citizen TV’s Daybreak show, she stated that because the guards had no idea that her three-month internship at Nation Media Group had ended, she would hand the guards snacks and walk in as if she still worked there. 

    Citizen TV presenter Talia Oyando speaking at Citizen TV’s Daybreak show. She narrated the crafty ways she used to secure her first job at Nation Media Group

    She would then sneak into the radio station’s studio and carry-on with work, hoping not to get into trouble. 

    “Everyday I could not wait to get to work. I wasn’t getting paid but I was excited. So my internship ended after three months but I didn’t see how I was going to just sit at home.

    “Since I had been friends with the guards and you know getting into the building was a problem, I’d buy mandazis and walk in like I'm still working there, but I’m not," Talia spoke. 

    After bypassing all checks to get inside the studio, she would then take over a show called Top 10 Till 10 which aired in the morning. 

    The show did not have a consistent presenter and at times, it would go on without one. 

    “One time I walked into the studio, put up the mic and started doing the show like I owned the station. I did it for like two or three weeks and thought ‘these guys are not saying anything so let me keep doing it’. 

    “One time I’m walking in the corridors and I met my then boss, Bob Kioko, and he said, ‘don’t think I don’t hear what you’re doing on the radio, you sound really good’,” Talia recalled.

    Following her determination, the show finally hired Talia and gave her a show. She revealed that she was paid Ksh 6,000 per month after the deal.

    The singer currently hosts a morning show on Homeboyz Radio known as The Juice

    She is also a presenter on One Love which airs on Citizen TV.