Man Killed by Gang Hired by Parents to 'Discipline Him’

  • A 31-year old man in Kiebogi village in Meru County on Friday, September 13, succumbed to injuries inflicted by a gang supposedly hired by his parents to "discipline him".

    The man lost his life after he was mercilessly beaten up in what was supposed to be a way of teaching him a lesson.

    According to the Daily Nation, the man's parents accused him of drunkenness, using abusive language and unruly behaviour.

    Onlookers gather near the scene where a man died after he was allegedly beaten up by people hired by his parents in Kiebogi, Meru County on September 13, 2019. NATION MEDIA GROUP

    They also revealed that of late he had been arriving home drunk singing 'dirty songs' and aiming the insults at the parents.

    The victim's mother Jane Patrick, admitted that her relationship with her son deteriorated over his character but she denied that they (the parents) had any role in his beating.

    She also stated that her injured son arrived home at 2.30a.m. and asked for drinking water nd they would later find his lifeless body in the morning at around 6.30 am.

    The area residents angrily raided the couple's home threatening to frog march them to the police for taking too long to report the death of their son.

    Area chief Edward Gitonga confirmed that the police were investigating the incident.

    “This is an adult and if he had committed any crime, he should have been reported to the police.

    ‘People should use the right channels of handling cases and avoid taking the law into their hands,” the chief added.

    A similar incident happened in March 2019 when a 21-year-old college student hired five men to discipline her lover following a domestic dispute but the attackers ended up killing him instead.

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