How Sarah Threatened Cohen Into Marriage

  • Reports have surfaced of how deceased Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen, was threatened into marriage by embattled wife Sarah Wairimu.

    According to Cohen's lawyer, Danstan Omari, Sarah devised a sinister plan which made Cohen bow to her demand, sealing a union with her.

    Omari told Citizen TV on Saturday, September 14, that Sarah threatened to have Cohen deported from Kenya using her influence with prominent people after Cohen declined to marry her. 

    Danstan Omari. Cohen's lawyer. He revealed details of how broken the billionaire's marriage was

    She also informed him that she would ensure his projects and tenders in Kenya were cut off. Cohen gave in and married her at the attorney general's offices. 

    Omari further claimed that Cohen travelled to Kenya, to work and met Sarah on May 30, 2007. They started dating later and at that time, Sarah was his assistant. She would later force him into matrimony according to the attorney. 

    The wife, after marriage, then demanded that he should give her 50 per cent of his wealth. That was after they had built their Kitisuru home in Nairobi. 

    It is alleged that on 29, July 2019, Cohen through his lawyer recorded a statement at Parklands Police Station, alleging that Sarah had beaten him up. Sarah ran away to Europe after finding out police were after her for domestic violence. 

    While in exile, Cohen went into her room and found the title deed to their home which had been missing, alongside a letter to the Immigration Department stating that Cohen was trafficking drugs and was not eligible to acquire Kenyan citizenship. 

    Upon returning to Kenya, Gigiri police boss Richard Mugwai ordered his officers not to arrest her as claimed by Omari. 

    Tob Cohen and his wife Sarah Wairimu. Cohen's friend Patrick Muriuri claimed that she killed the billionaire because she wanted his wealth and property

    Former Gatundu North MP, Patrick Muiruri, who was the last person to speak to Cohen on the phone before his disappearance, revealed that his marriage was broken. 

    Despite being a couple, the two slept in separate bedrooms. Cohen had also written a will that directed his wealth to be given to his brother and sister, excluding Sarah. The will also detailed how Cohen wanted to be buried upon his death.

    "She killed Cohen because of the house and the property," Muriuri told Citizen TV on Saturday, September 14.

    On Monday police will conduct a postmortem on Cohen's body and at the same time arraign Sarah and Peter Karanja in court. Peter was the suspect who revealed the murder plot and his phone was found in Cohen's house. 

    DCI detectives carry the remains of Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen. The deceased's lawyer revealed that his wife Sarah Wairimu had written to the Immigration department accusing him of drug dealing