German's Priceless Response After Being Told to Leave 'Killer' Kenyan Wife

  • Wolf Woods with his wife gospel musician Lornah Afrodess Woerz Facebook
  • After the body of businessman Tob Cohen was discovered by DCI detectives in his septic tank on Friday, September 13, at his home in Kitisuru, many theories emerged regarding the cause of brutal demise.

    Though investigations into the case are still ongoing, speculative Kenyans on Twitter have been pointing an accusatory finger at his Kenyan wife Sarah Wairimu - who is currently being charged for his murder.

    The case appears to have opened a new can of worms as pedestrian analysts weighed in on the apparent greed of local women married to wealthy expats. 

    Businessman Tob Cohen and his wife Sarah Wairimu
    Businessman Tob Cohen and his wife Sarah Wairimu. Kenyans on Twitter have taken the role of the prosecutor in the murder that has seemingly sent shockwaves across the expat community in the country.

    In the online discussions, European expats were the subject of unsolicited advice where warnings against marrying local women were dished out as gospel truth

    One German who is married to a Kenyan woman chose to rise above the fear of interracial marriages with a priceless response on Sunday, September 15.

    Wolf Woods, a CEO of a record label named Afrodess Media, came out to poke fun at the 'threats to his life' from his spouse, Gospel musician Lornah Afrodess Woerz.

    Donning a t-shirt, 'I'm the husband of a Kenyan woman, nothing scares me' Woods made it clear that he wasn't worried about his wife turning against him and killing him.

    Wolf Woods
    Wolf Woods donning the homorous T-shirt that sought to water down the sweeping generalisation against Kenyan women married to foreigners following the brutal murder of billionaire Tob Cohen.

    "Hahahahahahahaaa! My Kenyan-in-laws. Please, I'm not dead. Am alive, kicking and happy. Your jokes are killing me of laughter. Couldn’t share all pics my friends are sending to me," he stated.

    His wife, Lornah also joined in the fun adding, "Now you are making it funnier. Ati my Kenyan-in-laws. Wakenya, jibambeni bana. (Enjoy yourselves). But my man up there is so much alive."

    Reactions to Wood's t-shirt, that he even shared on his timeline.
    Reactions to Wood's t-shirt were swift and as humourous that he even shared on his timeline bringing some hilarity to an otherwise dreadful happening of possible murder by a trusted lover.