Sonko Steps in After Consolata Boy's Foul Comments Go Viral

  • For the better part of Sunday, September 15, evening and Monday, Kenyans on social media were dumbfounded by the shocking contents of a video published by a pupil at the Consolata School.

    The selfie video posted on the boy's Instagram account shows him hurling unprintables at a classmate whom he claimed had spread rumours about him. He goes on to issue what would have been dismissed as juvenile threats, were it not for them being laced with grotesque words.

    Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on Monday, September 16, gave his two cents over the issue calling for counselling for the pupil.

    Consolata School Nairobi

    "This boy needs a lot of help. He's struggling. More than meets the eyes. Young man your apology is accepted next time when apologizing don't use the word.  

    "Fellow Kenyans let's say No to cyberbullying this kid needs Love, guidance and counselling psychology," he stated.

    The pupil in question pulled down the controversial videos on Sunday, September 15, from his social media and put up an apology video.

    "I know it wasn't right for me to use the vulgar language and for that, I apologize. On my part, I know I overreacted and for that I'm sorry," he stated.

    Activist Boniface Mwangi was of the opinion that the boy needed to be sent to an approved school to be disciplined.

    "At the age of 11 years, l was sent to Approved School. I had run away from home and l was convicted of 'vagrancy.' At 14 years, I was expelled from an approved school. The Consolata Boy belongs in approved, he will find teachers and boys who can teach him lessons on how to behave," he stated.

    Activist Boniface Mwangi.

    Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo was of the opinion that the child should be kept off social media and measures taken by the parents.

    "For the child's sake please do not share. Consolata School, please do not suspend him despite pressure from parents. He is a child in need of care and protection under the Children's Act. Get him and the alleged bullying kids into counselling.

    "As for the parent or guardian, get your child off social media. No need getting him to apologise to the public. You are making it worse. I wish him well. He is still evolving. With proper guidance, he will turn out alright," she stated.