DCI Steps In After Consolata Boy's Foul Mouth Video That Went Viral

  • DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road. The detectives summoned the boy in presence of his guardians Twitter
  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Tuesday, September 17, moved swiftly to the Consolata School after a video of one of the school's pupils went viral.

    The detectives from the children’s department are trying to establish what led the pupil to post the video threatening a schoolmate with death.

    According to The Standard, detectives were said to have been held a closed-door meeting with the management of the school for the better part of Tuesday, September 17, morning over the video which has caused an uproar among netizens.

    Consolata school in Westlands Nairobi
    Consolata School in Westlands Nairobi. DCI Officers pitched camp at the school over a foul-mouthed viral video by one of the pupils.

    “...your desk and your books all are gonna get burnt, so you better stay in your class and watch out for me because I am dangerous I will shoot you in the forehead. You hear me? I am coming for you tomorrow….” the boy ranted.

    Other reports suggested that the boy, who is said to be 12 years old, was also summoned by investigators in the company of his guardians. 

    This foul-mouthed video was followed by another that was described as far much worse than the first, attracting the attention of leaders across the political divide.

    Later through another video, the boy is seen apologizing for his foul mouth and the threats he issued to his classmate, begging the school administration not to suspend him.

    Among the leaders who commented on the boy's the foul-mouthed rant was Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who asked for him get help.

    “This boy needs a lot of help.... he is struggling. More than meets the eyes. Young man your apology is accepted next time when apologizing don't use the word "BUT",” Sonko wrote on his Facebook page.

    Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo also agreed with the governor and asked the school administration to enrol the boy for guidance and counselling rather than suspend him.

    “There is a video of a young boy speaking very badly doing rounds on social media. For the child's sake please do not share. Please do not suspend him despite pressure from parents. He is a child in need of care and protection under the Children's Act. Get him and the alleged bullying kids into counselling,” wrote Millie Odhiambo on her Facebook page.

    Colage image of Governor Mike Sonko and Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo
    Collage image of Governor Mike Sonko and Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo. The both asked for the boy to get the professional help he needs