Reason Maina Kageni's Mother Disowned Him While in The UK

  • Top Classic 105 radio presenter, Maina Kageni, has had his fair share of disappointment in life including a time he was disowned by his mother while living in the United Kingdom.

    According to The Standard, the eloquent journalist had departed the country to enroll at a college in the UK, but as it turned out, he never set his foot in a lecture hall.

    Instead, Kageni is said to have switched his purpose and began working as a  truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

    His mother was, however, not aware of the development and carried on with Kageni's graduation celebration plans when the time was due.

    A photo that Maina Kageni posted on his social media account which raised eyebrows after he captioned it "three generations."

    She was shocked when she arrived at the college only to find her son's name missing from the graduation list of the institution.

    In what seemed like an act of rage and disappointment, she banished him from ever returning to Nairobi.

    Luckily, the softspoken presenter's lifestyle turned out great as he is ranked among the highest paid in his profession and wines and dines with the country's top brass.

    “Life offered great opportunities. You learn lessons that no school can ever teach you,” he advised.

    The two, however, made up later since the presenter regularly visits his mother and has, in the past, posted photos that have been interpreted to be them together on his social media pages.

    Kageni went to Laiser Hill High School and has previously worked at  KTN.

    Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni.