Sakaja Forced to Stop His Vehicle by Woman on the Road [PHOTOS]

  • A woman selling bananas by the roadside warmed the heart of Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja, on Thursday, September 19.

    The woman who was hawking bananas halted Sakaja's vehicle and asked him to address the residents before proceeding.

    "Of course I obliged and came out to say hi. She was so nice and the people around love her so much," the legislator posted on his social media platforms.

    Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja poses for a photo with a woman who asked him to stop and address the residents on Thursday, September 19.

    He was headed to the Inaugural Plenary Sittings in Kitui County Assembly that commenced on Monday, September 16.

    Sakaja went ahead and stated that he bought all the banana's that the woman was selling.

    "She immediately sold all her bananas. It was nice chatting with her and the lovely people who came around for the bananas," the senator expressed.

    It is not the first time that such an incident has occurred to a politician.

    On Sunday, August 12, Deputy President William Ruto was forced to stop his motorcade by a man in a dress. 

    Ruto went on to gift the young man who had carried a poster which warmed the DP’s heart. The banner was inscribed "Kenyans wed Ruto 2022, Amen".

    The DP was on his way to a fundraiser in aid of the East African Pentecostal Church at Gikumene Secondary School in Meru.

    Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja engaging in conversations with some of the Kitui residents on Thursday, September 19. He was on his way to the Kitui County Assembly when a woman requested him to address the residents.