How Father Saved Daughter's Life Minutes After Classroom Collapse

  • The Monday, September 23 tragedy left many parents of the Precious Talent School along Ngong Road in distress.

    A two-storey building at the school in Ng’ando area of Dagoretti South Constituency collapsed, causing injuries and fatalities.

    Stephen Odhiambo, one of the parents at the school, was lucky to have been able to rescue his two children; a son and daughter.

    Stephen Odhiambo, a parent at the school. His daughter developed a headache after he had been rescued from the scene of the incident.

    However, on reaching home, his daughter developed some complications, warranting him to rush her to a dispensary.

    "I was at the school at around 7 a.m. to try and rescue the children. My two children were among them. I took them home but 20 minutes later, my daughter started crying and stated that she had a headache," he narrated.

    At the dispensary, the doctors disclosed that there was a problem causing the persistent headache that warranted further investigations.

    "She was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital by an ambulance. Her mother accompanied her and she just told me that they are receiving treatment at the facility," he stated.

    Dagoretti OCPD confirmed that seven pupils had died and 64 others rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital.

    "Some children have run away. No teachers are around and we tried looking for them. We mobilized the bodaboda riders to take the injured students to the hospital," an eyewitness told journalists.

    Below is a video courtesy of Citizen TV;