Kempinski's Gold-laced Tea Makes History

  • Prestigious Kenyan hotel, Villa Rosa Kempinski on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, unveiled its new gold-laced coffee that caught many by surprise.

    Reports by K24 TV indicated that the coffee now labelled The Gold Capucchino, went for a whooping Ksh 5,500 per cup.

    The beverage is delicately served on a golden cup to complement the drink that is delicately adorned with edible rose petals from Italy.

    Villa Rosa Kempinski in Westlands Nairobi. The prestigious hotel introduced Gold coffee.

    The five-star luxury hotel is reported to be the first to serve that type of coffee in Africa.

    The cappuccino is made of fresh superior Kenyan coffee combined with foamed milk that is then blended with a generous quantity of luxurious 24-carat edible gold.

    Sipping the hot golden beverage, Mohammed, the hotel's director of food and beverage, affirmed that the gold had its advantages in the human body.

    "Gold cappuccino is, not a unique drink, it is an inspiration of health and wealth and it is something we are trying to introduce to our Nairobian people," he explained.

    The director went on to line up its advantages stating that "It smoothens and lightens the skin as well as relaxes the personality." According to him, a cup of the beverage would come in handy after a stressful day.

    He also outlined that the gold incorporated in the classy is flavourless, odourless and nontoxic.

    “The 24-carat pure gold used to garnish our special cappuccino is 100 per cent edible. The gold is an inert metal which easily passes through the human digestive system after about 24 hours unchanged, without causing any harm or reaction on the body,” Mohammed assured.

    The Westlands-based hotel is widely known for its high-class status and in July 2015, it hit headlines when it hosted former US President Barrack Obama on his two-day visit in Kenya.

    The edible gold coffee served in Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi.

    Villa Rosa Kempinski's director of food and beverage. He explained the inspiration behind the new coffee.
    The golden Capucchino being prepared in Villa Rosa Kempinski.