Girl Recounts Seeing Best Friend Crushed to Death at Precious Talent

  • Emma Brenda, a survivor of the tragedy that rocked Precious Talent School, on Tuesday, September 24, gave a sorrowful tale of her closed friends' final moments under the choking rubble of their collapsed school.

    Tedius Kinyanjui, one of the victims of the disastrous incident, spent his final moments singing songs of worship and praying to God for help, Emma told The Star.

    They were trapped alongside a girl identified as Charity, under a pile of heavy rubble that left a little pocket of space which was enough for the three of them to hold hands and desperately pray for a miracle.

    Things took a turn for the worse after a while, with Teddy complaining of suffocation as he struggled to catch his breath.

    Bodies of pupils who perished when a classroom collapsed at Precious Talent Top School in Nairobi being loaded into police vehicles by rescuers

    They had worked out a plan to hold hands and remain still to avoid shifting any of the debris that was above them, but Teddy was slowly slipping away.

    "After a while, Teddy, as Tedius was known, said he couldn't breathe. He complained of feeling suffocated and let go," a tearful Emma recalled.

    His movement upon letting go of his classmates' hands resulted in a domino effect in which a slab that was hanging precariously above his head fell on him.

    That was the last thing Emma saw before losing consciousness, only to wake up in an ambulance.

    Her father, Morris, had a hard time finding words to express himself, only confessing to having cried uncontrollably when he thought he had lost his daughter.

    He later revealed that Emma has been having constant nightmares ever since, adding that she wakes up screaming Teddy's name.

    Volunteers working tirelessly at the collapsed structure at Precious Talent School on Ngong Road in Nairobi.