Miguna Launches Fiery Attack On Nyong'o

  • Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna on Thursday, October 3, came out armed with a bastion of scathing claims against Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyong’o.

    Miguna, who often uses social media to attack Kenyan leaders he often describes as despots, trained his guns on the governor with an array of accusations, a practice that has come to characterise his forced stay in Canada.

    “Prof Anyang' Nyong'o is wealthy. He stole hundreds of millions of public money when he was Health Minister. He has been stealing millions of public money as Kisumu Governor,” the barrister claimed on social media.

    Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyongo. He is accused of looting of looting public funds by lawyer Miguna Miguna.

    “The High Court convicted him of contempt for grabbing land from his nephews. Yet, he starved his driver for 8 hours between Nairobi and Kisumu,” Miguna added, this time claiming that Nyong’o was selfish enough to deny his own driver a meal during working hours. 

    In the Facebook post, Miguna claimed that after ordering his driver to chauffeur him from Nairobi to Kisumu, the governor stayed aloof unbothered by his driver's supposed hunger. 

    “The driver was not allowed a break which is against the law. He was not permitted a stop to buy his own food,” Miguna added. 

    To support his hilarious claims, Miguna fronted a photo taken from a newspaper gossip column whose headlined, ‘Miserly governor starves his driver while on the long trip’.

    “The driver expected the big man would buy him lunch in Nakuru. But alas! There was no food and the driver kept moving while hoping they would get to a hotel along the way and have a meal,” reads part of the publication. 

    The driver is said to have only consumed roasted maize in Kericho and to have his hopes of finally enjoying a meal once in the county dashed when the governor supposedly told him the roasted maize was enough food for him.  

    According to Miguna Miguna, Nyong'os driver was not allowed a break which is against the law. Inset Governor Nyong'o.
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