Kanze Dena's Sister Emerges Among Top in Global Beauty Pageant

  • Elsie Stephens, a younger sister to State House Spokesperson, Kanze Dena, was on Saturday, October 8, crowned as the first runners up for the Mr and Miss World Kenya at Two Rivers Mall.

    Ms Stephens took to her social media platforms to express her excitement at her achievement.

    "This was the toughest boot camp yet the most fulfilling experience yet, being part of Kenya's most prestigious pageant was such an honour. 

    "I am now part of the MWK family and I met amazing young and vibrant contestants who I already miss," she wrote on Instagram.

    Elsie Stephens catwalks during the Mr and Miss Word Kenya on Saturday, October 8.

    Further, she congratulated the winners of the 2019 edition of Mr and Miss World Kenya, Wavinya Maria and Frank Asoyo.

    "It still feels like a dream, for my name now ceases to be Wavinya Maria to Kenya," Ms Wavinya expressed after winning the contest.

    Ms Stephens, a beauty queen in her own right, has participated in other contests emerging 2nd runners-up in the 2018 edition of the Miss Universe Kenya.

    She graduated from Daystar University with a Degree in Communication, before working as a revenue officer at KRA.

    The lady, who also expresses a passion for girl rights advocacy, indicated that she loves to inspire, interact and engage people.

    Elsie Stephens emerged 2nd Runners Up in the 2018 edition of the Miss Universe Kenya.