Miguna Exposes Raila's 'Blatant Hypocrisy'

  • Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna launched another tirade in the direction of ODM leader Raila Odinga over what he termed outright doublespeak concerning Odinga's stance on devolution.

    In tweet posted on his page on Tuesday, October 8, Miguna stated that Odinga had been opposed to the fair allocation of funds to the counties from the word go, despite advice that the wards were a key unit in the country's development.

    Miguna, who was Raila's key adviser before their bitter fallout in 2012, claimed that while he anchored on 65% of the audited national budget to be allocated to counties, Raila insisted on only 15%.

    Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna at a past event. He accused Raila of being the master of doublespeak on matters devolution.

    He stated that Odinga had dismissed the MCAs as "mere councillors" and giving them such amounts of money would be granting them too much power in the counties and also room to misappropriate the funds.

    The attack came a month after Odinga had hosted a delegation of officials from the County Assemblies Forum at the Nasa coalition offices in Nairobi to assure them of his "unwavering support" in their efforts.

    In the meeting, he expressed support for county assemblies' quest to be granted financial autonomy from the county executives concerning funds allocated to them by the Commission for Revenue Allocation.

    Despite his support for the special funds, he was cautious about the risk of the Members of County Assembly's propensity to spend if there were no checks put in place.

    "He proposed the deployment of two accounting officers to the counties, one for the Executive and the other for the Legislature. That, he said, would enable auditors to audit assemblies and the executives separately and make each branch responsible for its expenditures," the statement by his press secretary Dennis Onyango read.

    In that meeting, Odinga acknowledged the wards as the 'units of development' in the country, a view that Miguna claimed was not a true reflection of how he perceived them.

    Miguna also vehemently criticized the former premier and the Jubilee administration over what he termed as leadership without direction and integrity.

    Raila with officials from the County Assembly Forum at the Nasa Coalition Offices in Nairobi.

    "Even if God wrote the Constitution of Kenya before its enactment in a referendum, Kenyan Despots and Con-Men would not implement, enforce and obey it. The FUNDAMENTAL problem KENYA AND AFRICA FACES is the problem of visionless leadership without integrity," Miguna wrote.