2 Kenyans Enjoy Royal Deportation in Ksh5B Private Jet

  • Two Kenyans were treated to what could only be described to as a royal deportation, an operation that set back the German government a cool Ksh15 million.

    According to a report by Mkenya Ujerumani, a blog covering Kenyans in the European country, the country's state secured the “Bombardier Global Express” private jet whose unit cost is Ksh5 billion.

    The blog further indicated that it took the team 36 hours to deliver the two Kenyans in the country and return to Berlin.

    The two Kenyans were from Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavarian states and the exercise caused an outrage in Germany as exposed by ARD’s magazine Report München.

    A Kenyan passport. Two Kenyans were deported from Germany in an operation that cost Ksh15 million.

    “Finding seats for the two and the 10 plus escort team and the risk of the flight being grounded if the two men resisted the exercise, ruled out a commercial flight in such a short time period,” reported the publication.

    The official who commissioned the jet explained that they made the decision in haste because the Kenyan government had provided emergency travel documents valid for only three days.

    According to the publication, one of Kenyans had spent 20 years in the foreign country and had been at loggerheads with the law numerously.

    He had previously been charged with assault, theft, insult and obstruction of law enforcement. He had also faced murder charges.

    Police officers in Germany. One of the two Kenyans who were deported had run-ins with law enforcement numerously.