Miguna's Condemnation of Moi Day Attracts Backlash

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna, on Wednesday, October 10, found himself on the receiving end once more, after making some disparaging remarks about former President Daniel Moi.

As Kenyans were trooping to social media to celebrate the leader, Miguna turned his guns on Moi claiming that he was among the worst presidents in Kenya.

He further claimed that the former head of state worsened the economy by stifling freedom of the press and the education system. 

The barrister also accused Moi of detaining and torturing critics unlawfully.

"Daniel Arap Moi was among the world's most brutal tyrants.

"He shared that title with Mobutu Sese Seko, Bokassa and Samuel Doe. He detained real and imagined critics without trial," claimed Miguna.

A section of Kenyans was, however, unimpressed with the leader's critical assessment of Moi's leadership on a day that the country was supposed to be celebrating him, by reminding the lawyer of his own issues.

"What legacy are you planning to leave to Canadians," wondered Manasseh Simiyu.

"Who did you ever see as a good leader in Kenya? Literally, you oppose everyone," questioned Hassan Iman.

Moi Day was gazetted as a public holiday by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i seven years after its removal. 


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