Mariga's Convoy Stoned in Kibra, Tyres Set Ablaze [PHOTOS]

  • Jubilee Party candidate, McDonald Mariga, is facing a huge storm in Kibra judging by the uncouth acts committed against him.

    On Saturday, October 12, The Standard reported that Mariga's campaign convoy was pelted with stones.

    The rowdy youth who attacked the vehicle went on to set its tyres ablaze in an adjacent road, beside a billboard with Mariga's face.

    Mariga's campaign car which was attacked by rowdy youth

    The vehicle, branded with Mariga's portrait and Jubilee's trademark colours (yellow and red), had its windows smashed and its boot destroyed.

    Photos of the vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, showed it was parked at a police station after the incident.

    Reports alleged that chaos erupted after locals caught one of Ruto's men with Ksh 10 million which was being used to buy IDs from targeted communities.

    Jubilee Head of Communication, Albert Mwemusi, however, refuted the allegations and strongly condemned the incident.

    "It is unfortunate that the incident has occurred. We (Jubilee) condemn the incident and assure our members that the incident shall be keenly investigated. I have liaised with Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju and we are seeking more information from the ground. We are living in the Building Bridges Initiative era (BBI) and this is the worst thing to happen at such a time.

    "On the Ksh 10 million allegations, those are petty lies. No one can walk around with such amount of money. Those are unsensational reports out to tarnish our reputation," Mwemusi stated while speaking with on phone. 

    The incident comes a few days after ODM and IEBC were embroiled in a war of words over an updated Kibra by-election voter register.

    The two had a consultative meeting at IEBC headquarters, in which the agency resolved to publicise the register.

    On Wednesday, September 25, supporters of ODM candidate, Imran Okoth and those of McDonald Mariga were reported to be disfiguring rivals' posters.

    A couple of Okoth's supporters were photographed covering Mariga's posters with their own and Mariga's supporters returning the gesture.

    In fact, one of the residents described the campaigns as 'a psychological war'.

    Tyres belonging to Mariga's campaign vehicle being burnt alongside his billboard (Courtesy)
    Mariga's campaign in Kibra is facing several hurdles. His campaign vehicle's tyre's were burnt