How Ex-NMG Editor Covered Up Gruesome Murder - Raila 

  • The gruesome murder of the former Nyandarua North Member of Parliament Josiah Mwangi 'JM' Kariuki in March 1975, is one of the greatest mysteries in Kenya.

    However, former Prime Minister, Raila in his autobiography The Flame of Freedom, shared detailed information on events leading up to the murder as well as shocking findings regarding Kariuki's murder.

    Key among the persons of interest mentioned in the murder was former Nation Media Group (NMG) as well as Standard Group editor-in-chief, George Githii.

    Once the family of the late legislator claimed that he was missing, Githii - on March 7, published a headline claiming that Kariuki was away on normal business and was staying at the InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia.

    JM Kariuki, former MP for Nyandarua North constituency, was murdered under mysterious circumstances in March, 1975

    However, on March 10, The Standard published an article refuting Githii's claims, going on to reveal that the Zambian authorities had categorically denied any knowledge of the MP's whereabouts.

    Five days later, his mutilated body was discovered on Hyena's path in Ngong Hills by a Maasai herdsman, with the corpse described simply as gruesome - with 5 bullet wounds, missing fingers and gouged out eyes.

    Raila revealed that a parliamentary select committee was formed to probe the puzzling murder, going on to state that Githii was positively identified as one of the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

    "The committee's report released on June 5, 1975, named a number of people as potentially involved in the MP's murder and stated at paragraph 51 that Githii was either the murderer or an accomplice" the former PM stated in his book.

    He went on to lament over the slow process undertaken to follow up on the findings of the investigations, that allowed the former editor-in-chief to walk scot-free.

    "Githii, interestingly an explosives expert, as well as being a vicious drunkard who would later play a violent role in my own life, died in 1994 without ever being interviewed on the circumstances surrounding JM's death, and he took his secrets with him to the grave," Raila narrated in his book.

    Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga addresses the media at his Capitol Hill office on November 15, 2018. He claimed an Ex-NMG editor was invloved in the murder of JM Kariuki
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