Uhuru Fires Govt Officials Over Likoni Ferry Tragedy

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, October 16 fired all board members at the Kenya Ferry Services.

    In a gazette notice, the president revoked the appointment of the board members after two victims, Mariam Kighenda and her nine-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu died after drowning in Indian ocean.

    "In exercise of the powers conferred by section 7 (3) of the State Corporations Act, I, Uhuru Kenyatta, president and commander-in-chief of the defence forces of the Republic of Kenya, revokes the appointments Dan Mwazo, Daula Omar, Naima Amir, Philip Ndolo, Rosina Nasigha Mruttu, as non-executive chairperson and members of Kenya Ferry Services Limited, with effect from the 16th October, 2019,” read the notice.

    Dan Mwanzo, who was the Kenya Ferry Services Chairman fired by president Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, October 17.

    On Wednesday, October 16, the family, through spokesperson Luka Mbati, announced plans to sue Kenya Ferry Services. The organization had stated that compensation would only be sought through the courts.

    "The issue of compensation will not be easy, the family will have to hire a lawyer to go to court," KFS Managing Director Bakari Gowa stated. 

    On Tuesday, October 15, the government organisation handed the family of the deceased Ksh 200,000 to cater for funeral expenses.

    However, Gowa clarified that the money was in no way meant as compensation for the tragedy.

    "It is true we issued two cheques of Ksh 200,000 to the widower, John Wambua and Mariam's father, Peter Mwaghongo to support burial arrangements," the KFS boss stated.

    Post-mortem results which were released by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor stated that the two died of suffocation.

    Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda who drowned after their car slid off the ferry and sunk into the ocean on Sunday, September 29.