Citizen TV Journalists Recall Cheating Death After Plane Crash [VIDEO]

  • A light six-seater Cessna 206 aircraft crashed near the southern bypass in Kibera, Nairobi on July 12, 2017.

    Onboard the plane were three Royal media services Journalists who had been sent to Baringo to cover a rally by the National Super Alliance (NASA).

    Mauritius Oduor (Cameraman), Sam Ogina (Citizen TV) and Joseph Njane (Citizen Radio) would later narrate the sequence of events before the plane came down.

    Ogina and Njane narrated how their editors, Yusuf and Robin Njogu respectively informed them on short notice about the journey ahead where they would link up with the cameraman for the journey. 

    Sam Ogina narrates the ordeal in an interview on December 31 2017

    Like any other day, they drove to the Wilson airport where they were met by the pilot of the ill-fated flight, one Anthony at the departure point.

    Upon getting to the plane they were met by another pilot whom Oduor introduced to them as Innocent.

    Once the plane took to the runway, the journalist started feeling that all was not well as the plane had failed in gaining altitude.

    It is at this point that Oduor took his camera and started recording the events as the plane headed straight for the electricity cables at the end of the runway. Luckily strong winds lifted the plane above the wires and saved them from electrocution.

    Ogina recalled seeing the plane begin to nosedive just as his colleague Njane bowed his head saying his last prayers as it was evident that the plane was going to crash.

    The cameraman Oduor further stated, "I saw Njane was praying, I also said a little prayer for 10 to 20 seconds, then my mind started rushing as I thought about my family and my achievements in life."

    "All I saw was darkness it's like God did not want me to see what was transpiring," Njane added.

    As for Ogina, he revealed that he closed his eyes so that he did not have to witness the crash.

    At 1:52 PM the plane hit a tree and then crashed at the Lifesprings Christian Academy.

    Ogina narrated that despite having just survived a plane crash, Oduor disappeared on them for a few minutes only for them to learn that he had chased after a man who tried to steal his camera tripod among other broadcast equipment.

    The journalists and crew members were rushed to Kibera South Health centre which was barely 200 metres from the crash site and were later taken to the Nairobi Hospital where they were checked and confirmed to be in stable condition.

    They all made the same conclusion after the interview revealing that they believed that the short prayers they did at the moment saved their lives.