Tuju's Exquisite Multi-Million Mansion That Rivals Royalty [PHOTOS]

  • Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju may be the man behind the running of the ruling party and an integral part of President Uhuru Kenyatta's government, but there are other impressive aspects in his lifestyle that are less-known to the public.

    Not one to showcase his wealth via social media or public acts of opulence, Tuju is a man who is clearly keen on protecting his privacy.

    However, Tuju is a political powerhouse with a mansion that rivals royalty in more ways than one, going by an interview he held with the late KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh.


    Nestled in the leafy suburbs of Karen, is his multi-million residence that can easily be mistaken for a castle - intimidating is an understatement to the vastness of this kingly home.

    The sheer magnificence of the mansion is amplified with the twin stairways that coil on the front reminiscent of a page of a fairy tale book.

    The ambience created by the well-manicured lawn, a mock waterfall fed by a slow-flowing river and the lush vegetation punctuates the innocence in the cold air outdoors.

    The mock waterfall at Raphael Tuju's house

    Tuju was the first TV producer in Africa to win an International Emmy award for TV production. Much like most mansions, Tuju's residence boasts a swimming pool in the yard.

    Long glass doors on one side of the house add on to the grandeur of the house's architecture.

    A view of Raphael Tuju's house

    Indoors, the modern colour scheme, alluring interior design and a glistering chandelier simply whispers class rather than scream it.

    The compound also has ample parking for visitors.

    Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju (left) during an interview with KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh in 2011.

    Tuju's home, is definitely fit for a king and the CS without portfolio appears to have put much thought into it with his knowledge in real estate.

    "I did not use a contractor. I lived across. Every morning I would come in and supervise, and I got a friend who was not paid to help watch over the whole thing," he revealed in a past interview.

    He placed an emphasis on style stating, "Everything is more about style than money. I like to remind myself that I will live only once, and so I am going to build a decent house for myself."