How Kenya Airforce Prepares and Performs Air Combat Manoeuvres [VIDEOS]

  • The memories of the exceptional airshows at the Mashujaa Day fete and many other national holidays might still be in the minds of many who were fortunate enough to witness the powerful displays.

    In 2013, Kenya Airforce allowed citizens a rare glimpse into the lives of the airforce pilots and airmen who participate. 

    In a video posted by Citizen TV, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) allowed citizens a rare glimpse at the erstwhile secret affair, lining up some military planes for Kenyans to see.

    Airforce planes during a past airshow. The jet fighters are part of the country's inventory of warplanes.

    The video entailed soldiers undergoing final instructions and preparations before they took to the air to wow crowds looking forward to the moment, and to show the country the might that the military possesses.

    This was a testament to the Kenya Airforce mantra 'Tuko Imara Angani', a tenet that is used to express confidence that the force has capacity to defend the country from external aggression.

    According to Strategic Intelligence, an international website dedicated to matters military, the aircraft in Kenya Air Force Inventory are divided into four major categories; combat, reconnaissance, helicopters and trainer aircraft.

    The site stated that the airforce has 17 combat aircraft specifically meant for war, 19 reconnaissance aircrafts intended for patrol and utility, 64 helicopters meant for transport, and utility as well as 27 trainer aircraft specifically for training pilots.

    In addition to having aircraft that are well armoured with both offensive and defensive equipment, the website stated that the planes are equipped with anti-tank missiles, air to air missiles and air to surface missiles that are used for offensive combat operations.

    The aircraft are reported to be equipped with 40mm guns, and ZPU-4 (a Russian-made anti-aircraft 14.5 mm quadruple guns) as defensive equipment.

    Kenya is reported to have two airbases; Moi Airbase located in Eastleigh, Nairobi and Laikipia Airbase classified as the largest.

    Videos Courtesy of Citizen TV