6 Sensational Reasons Why Uhuru Will Run in 2022 - Atwoli

  • Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) shocked Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange with six claims on why President Uhuru Kenyatta was poised to run for a third term in 2022.

    During the interview on JKLive on Wednesday, October 23, Atwoli disputed the head of state's promise to retire in 2022.

    According to Atwoli, Kenyatta had every chance to lead the country again and would walk over his deputy William Ruto and opposition leaders Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula

    The COTU leader argued that first, the Building Bridges Initiative would spearhead a constitutional change and this will aid Kenyatta to be president just like the retired head of state Daniel Moi did in 1992.

    COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and Citizen TV journalist Jeff Koinange during the JKL show on Wednesday night October 23. He opined that Kenyatta will run for the presidency again in 2022.

    "In 1992, after we changed the constitution, Moi ruled for 10 more years. After the BBI, Kenyatta can say that he wants to be president as it will be a new outfit and new constitutional terms. The BBI will succeed. It's Kenya's only solution to bloodshed experienced after every election. Creating more positions will enhance a peaceful co-existence," Atwoli argued.

    The Luhya community elder then insisted that Kenyatta had no authority over his retirement as he was elected by Kenyans. The sovereign people may be obligated to have Kenyatta as president in 2022 again as the power is vested upon them and they will make the hard decision for Kenyatta.

    Atwoli also argued reiterated his stance that Kenyatta is too young to retire. Being powerful and wealthy would make Kenyatta interfere with Kenyan politics after retirement as he has powerful connections worldwide. The COTU boss stated that a slot in the executive would be given to Kenyatta to tame his powers since he would not retire out of old age like former presidents Moi and Mwai Kibaki

    The labour leader also opined that Kenyatta has the backing of powerful nations, something which his opponents, especially Ruto lack. This support would propel him to retain the superior seat.

    "He has support from the powerful nations. Kenya is a country that is being looked upon by every nation. If you have local dominance like Ruto, it doesn't guarantee that you will be president. Ruto is being driven by thirst and lust for money. It has gotten into his head and this is because he has poor advisers who do not advise him on how to respect Kenyatta. He is forgetting that even if the president is weak, he is still powerful," Atwoli tore Ruto apart.

    Deputy President William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga. On October 23, 2019, COTU boss Francis Atwoli tore into DP Ruto's hunger for power

    Atwoli also pinpointed to the fact that Kenyatta would still be in power ahead of 2022 and would have control of state machinery. He would oversee the new IEBC, referendum and the electioneering period. This may give him the opportunity to make a decision depending on a prompted situation.

    Lastly, he argued that in politics, everything changes abruptly. In the current political sphere, he opined that Ruto was the most popular candidate, but he should proceed with caution. Atwoli stated that during the Mashujaa Day celebration in Mombasa on Sunday, October 20, Ruto was snubbed by his coastal allies and was received by one leader only.

    Kenyatta, despite all the pointers favouring him, should also be hawkeyed and ensure that he streamlines his legacy, according to the COTU boss. 

    "The only issue I have with Uhuru was his first term where he let things go out of hand. Right now he is fighting so hard to avert the situation. He should be worried about failing to accomplish important things Kibaki left behind like Konza City which was out to decongest Nairobi. If he would have addressed Konza city issue, it would have aided his Big 4 Agenda," Atwoli warned. 

     Video courtesy of Citizen TV.