Mt. Kenya Leaders Go All Out Against Uhuru Over BBI

  • A section of Mt. Kenya leaders joined the bandwagon in tearing into the Building Bridges Initiative that was fronted by their kingpin President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    On Thursday, October 24, 2019, Jubilee Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura called for a press conference in Nairobi and led a brigade of the region's leaders in blasting Kenyatta's project.

    Mwaura claimed to be speaking on behalf of members of parliament drawn from Mt. Kenya region and diaspora, and from both the Senate and the National Assembly.

    Senator Isaac Mwaura who led Mt Kenya elders in blasting the BBI on Thursday, October 23, 2019

    "The BBI report is almost out and like everyone else, we had presented several ideas from our people that we wanted to be included in the report," stated the politician in a video posted by Citizen TV. 

    "Everyone has a right and there must be unity of all Kenyans, for us to progress as a nation. The report must consider our presentation and our lamentations on how national resources are shared," Mwaura cried.

    He further reiterated that Central Kenya residents were unfairly represented by the Jubilee administration and requested to have BBI correct the situation.

    The leaders also warned that they would not revert from the current electoral system (popular vote) to adopt any other proposed system.

    "We do not want an electoral college where a leader is elected from Parliament. We want one man one vote system. We will stand strong and read the report before explaining it to our people," Mwaura declared. 

    On Wednesday, October 23, Deputy President William Ruto's allies also vowed to oppose the highly anticipated report by BBI, which is a joint project by President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    The leaders, who spoke during the launch of Leshuta Market in Narok County, stated that they would ensure the proposal by the team would not proceed if it was formulated to benefit a few select individuals. 

    The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report presentation suffered a setback when the president travelled abroad the same week the team was supposed to hand him its recommendations. 

    Daily Nation on Wednesday, October 23, reported that the team's co-secretary Paul Mwangi claimed on Tuesday, October 22, that the report was ready for presentation in line with the Wednesday, October 23 deadline.

    "We are yet to be advised on when to give it," Mwangi noted affirming that the team was ready to hand over the report to the two principals.

    The team resolved to schedule a meeting with the president at the soonest available date to make its presentation.

    From Left: Chuka Igembe Ngombe MP Patrick Munene, Narok Woman Rep Soipan Tuya and DP William Ruto in Narok on Wednesday, October 23 where they tore into BBI

    Video courtesy of Citizen TV