Uhuru Park on Road Reserve - Govt Spokesperson [VIDEO]

  • Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna on Thursday, October 24, came out to dispell rumours about the grabbing of Uhuru Park for construction of the Nairobi-JKIA Expressway.

    Oguna, who was speaking during his weekly briefs, noted that no part of the park would be touched by the highway.

    He explained that whereas Kenyans assumed that the piece of land in question was part of the park, it had actually been reserved for the expansion of Uhuru Highway. 

    The map shared by Government Spokesman on Thursday, October 24 explaining the use of Uhuru Park Land.

    "Concerns over Nairobi Expressway and it's hiving of Uhuru Park have been raised by Kenyans. We wish to clarify that the 23metres into the park is a road reserve for Uhuru Highway, thus, Uhuru Park remains untouched," the spokesman declared. 

    Oguna further stated that the highway, which will cost Ksh59.9 billion, will be fully funded by the China Road and Bridges Corporation (CRBC).

    In addition, he claimed that the government had made deliberate efforts to minimise land acquisition for the project. 

    "The preliminary land-take was approximated to be 35 acres, including 60 per cent of public land and 40 per cent of private property," he informed.

    Oguna noted that the highway would ease traffic congestion within Nairobi and save time, thus reducing the losses made through the same.

    "Nairobi Expressway is expected to significantly decongest traffic in the capital city and save the country billions of shillings per year - according to Institute of Economic Affairs and World Bank, Kenya loses over Ksh18 billion annually," Oguna added.

    He concluded by claiming that once the project commenced, it would employ over 3,000 people and thereafter, 500 people when it becomes operational.