Radio Presenter Recalls Guest Walking Out After Black Out

  • A journalist at Vihiga FM on Friday, October 25, narrated his most embarrassing moment on the radio station soon after landing the job

    Gilbert Lwanzi, who spoke to, revealed that his guest for the day walked out on him when the station experienced a technical hitch.

    "I was just about to start my interview with popular Nairobi musician Beryl Owano when there was a power blackout," Lwanzi stated while adding that the darkness made the sit-down very awkward in the studio.

    Lwanzi stated on Friday, October 25 that he waited in the studio with his guest for the power to come back.

    Lwanzi went ahead to affirm that he had to sit in the studio with his guest waiting for the power to come back on since their back up generator was also faulty.

    "We sat in the studio for one hour all the time thinking that the power would come back on and that the interview would start," he narrated.

    He narrated that the artist had come for a function in Luanda Vihiga County and since the radio station was near she was slotted in for the interview.

    "She was only available for a short while because of the home function so when the interview failed she had to walk out," the presenter informed.

    He admits that in his two-year stint at the stationed owned by the County Government of Vihiga, this was the most awkward moment in his radio career.

    "I have heard other interviews that had problems with either the equipment or the guest but the one with Owano stood out," Lwanzi mentioned.

    "I mostly interview local artists, mainly in Vihiga County and its environs and as you know Beryl Owano is one of the biggest artists in Nairobi, I would have loved if everything had worked out," he noted.

    Vihiga FM located at the Vihiga County headquarters in Mbale and broadcasts locally.

    Gilber Lwanzi in the studio at Vihiga FM on April 1, 2017.