Mariga's Hummer Turning Heads in Kibra [VIDEO]

  • Jubilee Kibra by-election candidate McDonald Mariga is seemingly an integral part of Kenya's high-rollers if the expensive H2 Hummer he visited the area with is anything to go by.

    According to a video making rounds on social media, Mariga was seen arriving at a polling station in the posh ride on Thursday, November 7, to the jubilation of the residents.

    Some were heard challenging him to alight from the high-end car and finish the rest of his journey on foot like the fit former soccer star he is.

    He obliged and interacted with the crowd next to Kibera Secondary School's signpost.

    A screenshot of McDonald Mariga's Hummer shortly after arriving at a Kibra polling station on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

    An earlier footage showed the former footballer preparing to head to Kibra, from what looked like a posh homestead with a well-manicured lawn.

    "Jubilee candidate McDonald Mariga headed to Lindi Mosque Polling Station," read a caption that accompanied the video posted on social media. 

    The car, whose value is pegged at Ksh40 million, has military-grade strength and unique appearance.

    It is believed that Mariga purchased the car in 2010, which is the year the car manufacturer ceased production of the vehicles. 

    The first model of the high-end automobile was developed in 1983 for the US Army according to its maker, AM General.

    Before possessing the behemoth car, Mariga used to drive a Toyota Landcruiser VX.

    Below is the video of Mariga's arrival: