Lilian Muli Makes Colleague Break Down on Air After Tough Question [VIDEO]

  • During a morning show on Hot 96 FM on Thursday, November 7, Patrick Igunza, a radio presenter at the station came to tears while narrating his life before he got a breakthrough.

    The ever-bubbly Igunza recounted his life journey, noting that he had to do odd jobs to survive after he completed his secondary school education.

    During his narration, Citizen TV news anchor who was temporarily hosting The Hot 3 Some, Lilian Muli, asked him to delve deeper into how he was able to overcome the challenges.

    "I think Igunza, for anybody who is listening, the question then would be, you have a story, you come from somewhere and then you overcome all that and become a star and a household name and you are rubbing shoulders with the big names in the industry. I suppose, for a young man or lady who is listening to you, the question is, how did you even breakthrough? Getting the opportunity?" she asked.

    Hot 96 presenter during a morning show at the station on Thursday, November 7.

    Amidst tears and struggling to continue with the story, Igunza stated that he did not have the money to join college and was forced to do odd jobs to get by.

    "So we went to Karen to try and get odd jobs in White-owned farms. We went to the African International University to try and get jobs there and that's where I got my first job.

    "We used to work four hours a day and for each hour we worked, we got Ksh 30, so in a day I'd get like Ksh 120 and we would not be allowed to work more than four hours. After working here for a year (sheds tears and pauses) I applied for KSST to do mass communication and they picked me," he narrated as he wiped tears.

    He disclosed that his parents did not the funds to take him to the school and hence decided to work for a period of time without receiving payment to save up.

    "I went to Karen at Peter Patterson's house, a very good friend of mine. I asked him to give me a job and asked him to save the money for a year so that I could pay the school fees," he continued amidst tears.

    Further, the radio presenter stated that he went for several auditions to try and get opportunities but his breakthrough came when he got an internship at Citizen TV during his first year at the college.

    He would later join K24 as an intern for a year and later employed on contract basis.

    Below is a video courtesy of Hot 96;