Government Bans Sale of Five Popular Maize Flour Brands

  • The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has cracked down on 5 brands of maize flour that they have reportedly found to be substandard.

    In a statement released by the agency on Saturday, November 9, Kebs announced that the government had taken the action because the flour brands had not met the proper standards making it fit for human consumption.

    "Following continued market surveillance as well as multiple public reports, KEBS has noted that some brands of maize meal products (Unga wa Ugali) offered for sale do not meet the requirements of Kenya Standards," the statement read.

    The statement by KEBS announcing the banning of five maize flour brands on Saturday, November 9.

    Brands flagged for having dangerous levels of aflatoxins include the Dola Maize Meal, Kifaru Maize Meal, Starehe Maize Meal, Two Ten (210) maize meal, and Jembe Maize Meal.

    "Following consistent market surveillance and testing, it has been established that the brands have failed because their levels of aflatoxin are higher than the maximum limit allowed by relevant Kenya Standards," KEBS warned.

    The board also announced that it had taken drastic steps to suspend the manufacturers' permits and also stopped them from selling the affected products, including taking steps to seize the products and directed all supermarkets in the country to immediately pull the products off the shelves.

    "Additionally, the manufacturers are required to recall all the substandard maize meal products from the market and immediately institute corrective measures whose effectiveness shall be confirmed by KEBS before the suspension of permits is lifted," the statement stated.

    KEBS stated that it would undertake market surveillance and factory inspections to make sure that such products are seized and destroyed at the expense of the manufacturer.

    The board also threatened to prosecute those found in contravention to the notice given to have the products off the shelf and to cease the manufacture of the same.

    The second page of the statement by KEBS on Saturday, November 9.

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