Citizen TV's Willis Raburu Breaks Protocol in Live Broadcast [PHOTO]

  • Renowned Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu on Sunday, November 10 surprised his fans with an out of the ordinary dress code. 

    In the photo he posted online, the anchor was dressed in official clothes from the waist up but completed the look with green cargo pants and black sneakers as he presented the, 1 pm news bulletin on Sunday, November 10. 

    "Tulienda kusoma news tukapata juu ni sawa but kwa ground vitu ni different (I went to read the news but found out that the top half of my dress code was okay but the bottom wasn't), enjoy your weekend and remember don’t take yourself too seriously," he captioned. 


    This is contrary to the official dress code required of news anchors and presenters, especially while on air. 

    Some of his fans, however, did not take the Hot 96 FM presenter's post kindly, as they felt he was not serious with his job.

    Paul Ogada a social media user posted, "Respect your profession and your age Raburu, that is not 10 over 10."

    Hillary Choge also commented, "Tomorrow you'll complain that you have been fired by Royal Media Services on basis of ethnicitybut in reality, you don't take the job seriously."

    This, however, is not new, as few other renowned anchors have also broken the dress code while presenting a news bulletin. 

    According to a source at NTV who is not allowed to speak for the organisation, "rules are that men put on a full suit while on air."

    She, however, went on to add that on the occasion one is not dressed as they should, the camera shot will be medium or close up and not a long shot.

    Former NTV news anchor Larry Madowo, in 2016, conducted an interview with former Government Spokesperson Eric Kiraithe in a pair of red shorts and African leather sandals.

    The dress code was so surprising that Kenyans, in their humorous nature, made a challenge out of it.

    That same year, Larry appeared on-air dressed in sneakers but took to his social media to explain that he had to catch a flight to France after the bulletin.