K24 TV Anchor Who Ian Mbugua Humiliated on Stage

  • Former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) judge Ian Mbugua is a man who was introduced to the Kenyan audience as one who spoke his mind and offered his unfiltered criticism.

    From his days as the 'mean' judge at the talent show to his works in theatre and cinemas, Ian has curved his niche as a tough critic. 

    K24 TV anchor Eric Njoka is one of those who have been the subject of unreserved remarks by Ian Mbugua.

    Via his Instagram, Eric narrated that while in his 20s, he harboured dreams of becoming an actor. 


    "I once went for a modelling/acting casting call and my 20year old self, although shy, was overconfident that I will be picked for an advert on TV or a role in theatre. I loved acting and used to take very good care of my skin, so I was sure I would get both roles," he revealed in a post dated October 12, 2019.

    Oozing in confidence, the Njoka dressed up and headed to Ngong Road ready for the auditions.

    "I had a black suit on, at the time a 3-buttoned coat was trendy and one had to have a huge tie tightly pinned on the neck, to at least add some weight and look professional. At the time, I was 5'8" tall and a little skinnier but that was the requirement for one to get the slots," he recounted.

    Even though he was convinced that, he'd land the job, Eric wasn't selected for the role but what stayed with him was a humiliating comment from Ian, who was in charge of the auditions.

    "Your smile will scare people, never ever think of auditioning anywhere on this earth, you are never meant to entertain anyone, no one will even look at you twice.

    "Kwanza umekonda sana (You look malnourished) and forget ever making it on any stage or screen for that matter," Njoka recalled the judge's remarks.

    In 2016, Ian Mbugua mentioned that the perception people had about him being a mean person was misplaced.

    "I have lived my life and done things my way, it's rubbed people the wrong way many times but I don't care. Live your life and don't care what people think about you," Mbugua explained.