Kabogo Implicates Ruto, Raila in Damning NTV Exposé

  • After the White Alert investigative piece aired on NTV revealing shocking details of increased aflatoxin levels in food, blame games began about who was responsible. 

    Replying to a tweet by digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo pointed accusing fingers at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto. 

    “Prime minister’s office gave instructions for offloading and sale of imported maize from South Africa that had unacceptable levels of aflatoxins that 10 years later, is causing liver cancer,” claimed Itumbi.

    Deputy President William Ruto (left) and former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo at the Israel Assembly of God Church in Molo, Nakuru on April 28, 2019.

    The former county chief reminded the blogger that DP Ruto was the then minister in charge of Agriculture. 

    “Baddy, who was the minister of Agriculture? That and the PM must be held accountable,” Kabogo replied.

    The investigative feature by Dennis Okari highlighted the risk Kenyans face from the food with high levels of the poisonous fungi.

    Itumbi further claimed that the imports were directly imported via Raila’s family and therefore all blame should fall on the ODM leader.  

    “US Ambassador at the time - Ranneberger suggested that PM Raila Odinga attempted to shield his family, who were involved in the importation of maize. Together with two officials in his office who resigned under pressure,” alleged Itumbi.

    He also faulted Odinga for disputing KEBS’  stand that the maize was unsafe for human consumption, by giving a nod for the importation.

    “Ten years ago, KEBS told us the maize that had been imported was unfit for human consumption. PM Raila Odinga told us Eng. Kioko Mang'eli was lying and used a report by Intertek to say maize was fit for human consumption,” the blogger posted. 

    Itumbi’s post has continued to cause various reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, many showing displeasures in the tweet terming it as a one-sided presentation.

    Moreover, Kenyans continue to be puzzled by the manner in which issues so paramount as food safety are handled with much carelessness.

    On Saturday, November 9, 2019,  the KEBS banned the sale of five brands of maize flour, terming them unsafe for human consumption.

    The brands banned are Kifaru, Dola, Jembe, Starehe, and 210 maize flour brands.

    On November 11, 2019, Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of being involved in the importation of poisonous maize from South Africa