Kenyan Assaulted by Chinese Employers Shares Disturbing Video

  • A former of employee of China Henan Construction Company, Wanjau Ndera, on Tuesday, November 12, shared footage showing injuries he sustained after allegedly being clobbered by his Chinese employers.

    He went on to claim that his bosses turned violent after he was involved in an accident while driving one of the company's trucks.

    "I was operating a vehicle belonging to the company when another vehicle hit me from behind. Upon alighting to inspect the damage, I was assaulted by my Chinese employers, namely Mr Wu (senior surveyor), Mr Ji (site engineer), Mr Steve (deputy project manager), Mr Gao (supervisor/section head) and two other gentlemen," he narrated.

    Ndera reportedly fled the scene after the assault and reported the matter to Cherangany Police Station under OB number 17/30/10/2019.

    A Chinese contractor alongside a Kenyan worker at a construction site. An employee on November 12, 2019, alleged that the Chinese nationals regularly beat up their Kenyan employees.

    He was then taken to Cherangany Sub-county Hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained during the alleged attack.

    The visibly shaken truck driver further claimed that he was living in constant fear.

    "I'm fearful for my life and need help with my case against my employers because they have previously been known to influence the police with money, to do away with cases brought against them," he claimed.

    Speaking to renown photojournalist, politician and activist, Boniface Mwangi confirmed the startling incident.

    Ndera insisted that despite having been paid for the injuries sustained, he felt he needed to speak out against the act. 

    He also claimed that none of the local employees at the construction company was working under a contract but rather a verbal agreement.

    In a similar incident, back on October 26, a video of a Chinese man slapping his Kenyan employee sparked an uproar across various social media platforms.

    Here's the video of Ndera's startling confession: