How Bus was Saved From Plunging Into the Indian Ocean

  • The government on Tuesday, November 12 shed more light on the mishap involving a school bus that nearly plunged into the Indian Ocean on the previous day. 

    In a press release by Kenya Ferry Services, the state corporation gave a detailed description of the events involving the Kenyatta University bus.

    "Our attention has been drawn to a video clip doing rounds on the internet depicting a Kenyatta University bus whose driver failed to maintain a safe speed uphill after disembarking from the ferry at the mainland ramp," the statement read in part.

    A section of the press release by Kenya Ferry Services on Tuesday, November 12.

    KFS further disclosed that the bus had no passengers since they had alighted in compliance with KFS safety procedures. This was contrary to reports doing rounds on social media that passengers were still on board.

    "The driver of the bus failed to negotiate uphill momentum but was assisted by KFS staff and managed to proceed successfully," the state corporation explained.

    This incident happened barely a month after President Uhuru Kenyatta fired all KFS board members following a tragedy involving a car which plunged into the Indian Ocean killing two.

    The September 29 Likoni incident saw Mariam Kighenda and her 4-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu drown with no attempt made to rescue them. 

    On October 13, there was panic at the same crossing point after the controversial MV Likoni Ferry stalled mid-journey while full of helpless passengers.

    According to witness reports, the ferry stalled and drifted under the heavy ocean currents until another ferry, MV Jambo, moved in and pulled it to the shore.

    Likoni tragedy car retrieved on Friday, October 11, 2019.