Journalist Exposes Crude Means Uhuru Used to Keep Sagana Meeting Private

  • A journalist on Sunday, November 17, exposed crude means President Uhuru Kenyatta applied during the Sagana meeting to keep it private.

    Speaking on KTN News' Inside Politics, The Standard writer Roselyn Obala revealed that all the attendees were thoroughly frisked to ensure nothing leaked from the meeting.

    "The Sagana meeting had leaders frisked, phones taken, people even removed watches and rings to ensure that whatever was going to be discussed in that forum was kept there," she explained.

    A section of the Mount Kenya leaders at Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri on November 15, 2019.

    She further revealed that the whole process by inviting a select group of people using deliberate means.

    "In the Sagana meeting, you start by how the leaders were invited to that meeting. You find that there were those who were invited by the president himself. There are those who received calls from State House and others from county commissioners.

    "There are some tanga tanga leaders who received calls from the MCAs. Something tells us that this was a way to puncture the influence of tanga tanga in Mt Kenya," she continued.

    Obala further revealed that some leaders who were considered rebellious were not given an opportunity to speak and that in the 3,000 delegation, members of the National Assembly were only 100.

    In the meeting held on Friday, November 15, the president cautioned the leaders present about the dangers of the political paths that they were taking.

    "I want to take you back to 2007 up to where we are today. You know the problems we had. Some of you here are still very bitter about what happened," he spoke.

    Ruto, in his reaction to the meeting, warned the opposition to keep off Jubilee affairs and instead, focus on cleaning the mess in their own political outfits.

    "We do not want to be supervised by characters who have no agenda, selfish individuals who are looking for their own interests, who want to destroy our country. We want to move together," he alerted.

    Deputy President William Ruto addresses residents of Seregeya, Kakamega County on May 17, 2019.