Raila Did Not Win in Kibra - Mutahi Ngunyi [VIDEO]

  • Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has ruffled a few feathers in his career and in his latest video he lived up to expectations with a win-lose argument from the November 7, Kibra mini poll.

    On the set of his TV show The 5th Estate on Saturday, November 16, Mutahi argued that ODM leader Raila Odinga already had Kibra in the grasp of his palms and hence he could not win what he already had. 

    Mutahi argued that Raila gained nothing from retaining the Kibra seat but Deputy President William Ruto would have gained a lot had McDonald Mariga trounced over Imran Okoth. 

    Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

    "In my view, Raila did not win Kibra, William Ruto lost. To clarify, the person who had something to take home was Ruto as the Kbra trophy was already with Raila and he wanted to snatch it," Ngunyi stated.

    According to the political analyst, Ruto lost terribly and was trying to play down the extent of the loss by accusing Odinga of using violence.  

    He further stated that this was witnessed after the DP went on a tweeting rant as he tried to provoke his political opponents into a war of words. To his dismay, Ngunyi argues, Raila remained silent as he already had the 'bedroom' trophy at home. 

    "I have always said when you hear a man say he is self-made, you are staring at the horrors of unskilled labour," he added while following it up with disparaging remarks about Ruto's independence from other political actors.

    Ngunyi went to state that the major reason that might have cost the DP a win in the hotly-contested mini poll that was left vacant after the death of Ken Okoth was the fact that he was a loner.

    "William Ruto is answerable and advises himself, because if you don't have a group of people with values that you are answerable to, then you will drive the country into a dictatorship president and my biggest worry right now is that William Ruto is creating a president in himself and the creator of that president is himself," Ngunyi concluded.