EXCLUSIVE: Financial Muscles Behind Alex Chamwada's Expensive International Trips

  • With weekly episodes of Daring Abroad and the Chamwada Report on the air every week, it takes a heavy financial toll on anyone in charge of producing and directing such shows.

    Alex Chamwada, speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Friday, November 29, revealed that while it was indeed prohibitively expensive to produce his content, he has had a stellar run courtesy of networks that he has created over time.

    "We have partnerships and sponsors who come on board. Some of them would foot the travel bills, some production costs, and others would step in and pay for our airtime. It is all about networks," he disclosed.

    Journalist Alex Chamwada with captains George Ayuga, Shabir Ahmed and first officers Victor Kirui and Pancras Oteyo during a past flight from New York to Kenya

    He also revealed that because his shows touch on economics and social development, rather than news and current affairs, Chams Media production tends to attract a number of industrial heavyweights who see him as a strategic partner.

    "A good example of one of our sponsors is the Lake Basin Development Authority (LBDA) in Kisumu, which funded a series of the Chamwada Report about Kisumu, which was titled Kisumu Today. It was about portraying Kisumu as the development gateway to the Western region," he explained.

    "The Communication Authority of Kenya once stepped in and sponsored a 4-episode series of the Chamwada Report titled Connecting Kenyans in Marginalized Areas, which went on air in August 2019," he further intimated.

    Chamwada added that apart from the Chamwada Report, his production company also has major industrial heavyweights who chip in to support his Daring Abroad show.

    "We have one of the largest banks in East Africa facilitating our travels and the entire Daring Abroad series sponsorship. We used to have another bank playing the same role, but with time we developed new partnerships that led to our current relationship with the major player," he explained.

    Chamwada also announced that he has another series set to hit television screens that has been sponsored by a real estate company with operations in many countries across Africa.

    "To sustain such shows, the more you have sponsors coming in, then the better the chances you have for your shows to air. You can have money at times, but you are not succeeding. What makes us excel mostly is the networks," he revealed.

    Journalist Alex Chamwada test driving a one of a kind vehicle during a shoot abroad