Man Who Ngina Kenyatta Gushed Over Infront of Her Father

  • Ngina Kenyatta, daughter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, grabbed headlines on November 15, during the African Philanthropy Forum at Strathmore Business School.

    Kenyans took to social media to roast her over the now famous 'teach a man how to fish' speech, however, there was one particular man she raved about during her address.

    Both her parents were in the crowd as she waxed lyrical about a young man named Moses Ekuwam, whose remarkable achievements warranted recognition.

    "We have a student, Moses, from Turkana County who joined us at age 15 and is now studying petroleum engineering in China. Why such a unique course you might ask? Moses chose to do this because he wants to come back to his community and work in a field that is primarily dominated by external experts," she praised.

    Ngina Kenyatta addresses the African Philanthropy Forum at Strathmore University on Friday, November 15.

    The remarkable student she heaped praises on hails from the town of Lokichogio, Turkana County, which he left for his 5-year course in the far east.

    Despite being born in a harsh environment, the young man personifies his name 'Ekuwam' which means strong-willed.

    His is a story of triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds, as he had to grow up without a father - who was killed by raiders just months before his birth on March 13, 1998.

    His mother was also shot during the raid by a rival pastoralist community from South Sudan, but she was extremely fortunate to survive the ordeal.

    The young Ekuwam attended St Cosmas Napopongoit Primary School and later went to Kakuma Secondary School, where he was then singled out by The Kenyatta Trust for his exceptional performance and remarkable resilience.

    On July 8, 2019, Ekuwam graduated from Northeast Normal University (NENU), in Changchun City, China where he was studying the Chinese Language.

    Moses Ekuwam speaking to a Citizen TV reporter on September 16, 2018.

    He has since moved on to the China University of Petroleum in Changping County, Beijing, where he is currently undertaking the petroleum engineering course Ngina mentioned during her speech.

    "Your tomorrow must be greater than today if you just stick to your goal and press on, regardless of what you're facing now," Ekuwam once stated during a past interview.

    He also disclosed that the course covers procedures involved in the exploration, extraction, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas.

    Ngina lavished the budding engineer with praises, going on to state that he was destined for greatness.

    "We believe that the example that Moses has set will encourage his peers to want to seek an education,” she stated.

    Here's a short clip of Ekuwam during a past interview: