Churchill's Biggest Regret After Father's Death [VIDEO]

  • Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki needs little introduction, having etched his name in the hall of fame when it comes to Kenyan Comedy.

    However, very few know his heartwrenching rags-to-riches story and what exactly drove to him to such remarkable heights.

    Speaking to Reverend Kathy Kiuna on an episode of Woman Without Limits on August 22, 2016, the highly-rated comedian opened up on growing up with a physically challenged father who instilled certain principles in him that stuck with him.

    "My dad was disabled. I grew up knowing my dad never walked, and so I used to push him to church every Sunday and to the soko every day because he used to sell second-hand clothes," he disclosed.

    Bishop Allan & Rev Kathy Kiuna pictured in the Churchill Show on October 7, 2013.

    "I was told by my late dad that I needed to work very hard in order to make something of my life and that nothing would be handed to me," he added.

    The celebrated comedian went on to confess that his biggest regret in life was that his father never lived to see his success.

    He added that he owed all his current success to his late dad who worked extra hard despite his disability to put him through school.

    "He is one of my biggest inspirations. He wasn't born like that. He got into an accident just before we were born. All the money he had saved up from his wholesale business before then was used to try and get him medical help but it just didn't work," a sombre Churchill narrated.

    The founder of laugh industries got his big break on stage by accident at the Kenya National Theatre when a talent scout - the late George Okumu Otieno alias George Tyson asked him to try out playing Kongowea Mswahili from Ken Walibora's Siku Njema.

    This seemingly insignificant role was what kickstarted his illustrious on-stage career, going on to become one of the most recognisable brands on national TV.

    Here's a clip from Churchill's inspirational interview: