How Radio Queen's Removal of Wedding Tattoo Turned Ugly

  • Former radio personality Tina Kaggia's decision to remove a wedding tattoo backfired after the process nearly cost her the whole hand.

    On Friday, December 7, The Standard reported that Kaggia underwent three sessions to remove the wedding ring tattoo on her finger, at a local clinic in Nairobi.

    Kaggia had a tattoo embedded on her finger instead of a wedding ring on her nuptials.

    Tina Kaggia's ring finger after the botched process of removing her wedding tattoo. (Photo/Courtesy)

    "I paid for consultation with their ‘dermatologist’, who informed me it would take about three sessions to have it completely erased. I did the first session, the ink started peeling off. The second session, there was no change," Kaggia lamented, adding that the third procedure was worse.

    "Whatever they did, burned into my finger and the flesh was not regenerating. I contacted them about it and asked what to do and they kept snubbing me.

    "Eventually when they responded, I had seen a doctor at AAR who urged me to book an appointment with a surgeon for reconstructive surgery, or else I’d risk losing not just a finger, but an entire wrist,” Kaggia disclosed.

    The aggrieved Kaggia threatened to sue the local clinic.

    "All I wanted was compensation for what they did and the money I spent, but now I will take them to court," she opined. 

    The local clinic, however, argued that she did not follow a post-treatment regimen after the procedure. The treatment includes using cream and antibiotics to treat the finger. 

    Former Classic FM mid-morning presenter Tina Kaggia