Ngunjiri Wambugu's Appeals Force Police Into Action

  • Police officers on Monday, December 9, bowed to the frenzied calls by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu to have action taken against the area Deputy Speaker Samuel Kariuki.

    A report from Citizen TV indicated that court in Nyeri had issued a warrant of arrest for Kariuki, who was caught on camera assaulting a youth after rival Jubilee Party factions clashed at Giakanja Boys Secondary School on Sunday, December 8.

    Confirming the arrest warrant to Citizen TV, the central Regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga stated that all those who were involved in Sunday fracas would be arrested and presented in court.

    DP William Ruto and other leaders during a Church service at The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA), Mukaro Diocese, Giakanja, Nyeri County on Sunday, December 8.

    The incident took place at a time when Deputy President William Ruto was planning on attending a fundraiser at the nearby African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Mukaro Church.

    The video had portrayed the area speaker and other residents chasing after a man and whipping him mercilessly as he ran for his dear life.

    The brutal beating caught Ngunjiri's attention and he took to social media to condemn it and demand for police officers to take action on the legislator whom he termed a repeat offender.

    "We are looking for the young man who is being beaten mercilessly by the Ruringu Ward MCA and Deputy Speaker Nyeri Town. We cannot allow such impunity to go unpunished," he stated on Sunday.

    Ngunjiri later stated that he had managed to track down the victim who had been badly injured from the beatings meted on him by the leader and was planning to seek legal redress.

    "The young man who was beaten by Ruringu Ward MCA Samuel Kariuki has made a statement at the police and gone to the hospital for treatment. We hope the Nyeri police will move quickly to arrest the man behind the assault, especially as they seem to know him so well," he asserted.

    In a new twist, however, the Nyeri Town MP announced on Monday, December 9, that Kariuki had gone into hiding to evade arrest.

    Nyeri Town Deputy Speaker Samuel Kariuki with police officers in Nyeri on Sunday, December 8.

    "Apparently the Speaker of the Nyeri County Assembly organised a trip for the Deputy Speaker to leave the country last night so that he doesn’t get arrested," he wrote on his social media accounts.