Time Ruto's Tribulations Nearly Broke His Wife 

  • Rachel Ruto the wife to Deputy President William Ruto, once opened up on what she felt was the lowest point of her married life.

    Speaking to Reverend Kathy Kiuna in an episode of the renown 'Woman Without Limits Show', the second lady confessed to having struggled with anxiety back in 2010 after her husband was summoned to appear at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands.

    "The things they said about him holding secret meetings in our Sugoi home, and the allegations that he had ferried over 3,000 cylinders of gasoline to burn the villages in Kiambaa, but I knew they were all lies and it would come to pass," she disclosed.

    However, she went on to reveal that there was no way to shield their six children (Nick, June, Stephanie, Charlene Chelagat Ruto and George Kimutai Ruto) from various interpretations of the allegations laid against their father, and it was the mental torment they were undergoing that nearly broke her.

    Deputy President William Ruto and his family.

    "Of course there was this anxiety. I remember my son coming home one time crying because children at school had told him that his father was going to be jailed," she narrated.

    It was during this extremely low point of her life that she made a decision to stop everything including her daily business, and fully focus on taking care of her children.

    "I decided to fully concentrate on the children because I could actually see some of them breaking down. We used to pray together as I counseled them because their mental state was my greatest worry," she stated.

    Rachel went on to reveal how worried and stressed she was, about her children and how they would be treated after their father was summoned to answer to accusations of crimes against humanity during violence that followed disputed presidential elections in 2007.

    "As they were walking around, people were looking at them and saying 'your father', and they were very mean," she disclosed.

    On April 5, 2016, the case against Rachel's husband was dropped, with the court ruling that there was insufficient evidence.

    Ruto denied murder, deportation and persecution charges during violence that followed the 2007 elections in which about 1,200 people were killed and up to 600,000 displaced.

    Deputy President William Ruto (left), his wife Rachel Ruto (centre) and lawyer Karim Khan (right) arrive at The International Criminal Court (ICC) for a status conference May 14, 2013.